Simon Cooper

At the Colin Jellicoe Gallery June 11th 2016 to July 2nd 2016

These new paintings have their roots based upon experiences in my youth and the times spent wandering around in my hometown, armed with nothing less than a trusty Zenith 35mm camera, tripod and a cable release and with a sense of wonder too, as I watched daytime turn to dusk and into night, places of daytime familiarity taking on a new and softer appearance bathed as they were in orange sodium streetlights.

The transition of daylight into night - twixt the twain - the colours of foliage and grass darkening and looking as if they were being stilled & embalmed as the encroaching darkness grew in stature; the violent, eruptive & burning colours of the sunset seared on evening clouds which were so prevelant in the 1980's, possibly due to ash from the volcanic explosion of Mount St Helens; the blue-black landscape silhouetted against far-off city lights and encroaching suburban sprawl, the sodium glare reflected in the floating clouds above whilst motorways, roads, avenues were jewel-drops of light mapping out the populated areas.

I've brought those memories forward into my life now with these works, though I'm incorporating more ideas into the theme; I'm painting what I've seen either constantly or fleetingly, in my own recognisable landscape or somewhere else imagined entirely, capturing that certain time of day or place when the sun goes down, the dusk clouds move in and night time begins - another day on this earth is over and behind us.

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