Colin Jellicoe
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40-year retrospective - drawings, paintings, graphics 1960-2000

If you believe the elderly rasping of the people who’ve experienced them, 40th birthdays are occasions to be feared. You’re not as lovely as you’d imagined you’d stay, and nor are the creatures you’ve spawned. Your capacities are waning, your friends have all left you and you've got nothing but the inexorable decline towards double incontinence to look forward to. Bad luck. Commiserations have no place on Portland Street, however, where - having clocked up 40 years as a Manchester painter (and several more as a citizen of the city) - Colin Jellicoe is proudly turning his gallery over to his own retrospective. A native of Manchester, Jellicoe has been painting here since 1960 - and shows no sign of losing either his abilities or his fans. See his paintings of ‘moments’ - inspired by films, comics and people he knows - gathered together for the benefit of spring chickens and has-beens alike.

News North West, April 2000

Colin Jellicoe
Everyone in Manchester knows Colin Jellicoe the gallery owner; fewer of us are as familiar with Jellicoe the artist, an imaginative spirit boasting a body of work that stretches back some forty years. This spring’s retrospective at the Portland Street Gallery showcases his talent. Gathering inspiration from the comics and cinema of the forties and fifties, the earliest paintings on display attack the senses with a vivid. vigorous use of colour and form: Platt Fields is among the most powerful images you will find anywhere. By the 70s, influences were drawn from gentler sources and a series of landscapes gave vent to a more communicative spirit. Ever evolving, recent works have explored the challenging media of acrylics and sponges on canvas to continue the intriguing Journey through Jellicoe's imagination.

What's On North West. April 2000