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In the late forties and through the fifties my mother and I would regularly visit the local Rusholme cinemas,The Casino,The Trocadero and the Rusholme Rep. This was the time I began collecting books and comics on the cinema of the forties and fifties. In the late fifties and early sixties I started painting in Platt Fields park Rusholme and by the mid sixties I began work on my first figure series, people in canteens and coffee bars.
These developed into a series of semi-abstract figures in landscape. I'm still adding to the collection of film books and comics covering the period 1940 to 1960. Continually looking at this material influenced the work from the mid-seventies, beginning with a series with beaches, rooms, nudes, lovers and faces. The beaches turned into desert landscapes with riders, trees, rooms and lovers.
There were a number of movies of the seventies that influenced the work The Passenger and Last Tango in Paris gave me ideas for Summer Lovers and a series. And ideas came after seeing the film Reincarnation of Peter Proud for the painting Summer Rendezvous and Silent Swimmers.
For the 70's series, figures came from magazines and papers. Looking for suitable picture material became time consuming so in 1978 I asked Julia Hague to model and we shot some photographs in a city centre park. In 1979 I asked artist Jackie Williams; she worked with me until 1988. During the 90's we photographed Ayshea Hayes, Zinnia Mitchell, Gwen Alvey, Christine Clarkson, Sheila Pye, Jan Donovan, Barbara Cole, Debbie Hill and myself for what is now becoming a long running romantic landscape figure based series.
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